Add or removequbes in any direction at any time utilizing pre-installed inserts to our accurately positioned grid – “LEGO type install”. Removable surfaces, units and add-ons; floor, wall, kitchen and exterior architecture. Most customizable building on the market, using the most versatile shape, features and online digital marketplace for DIY modification!

Our 2’ grid in every direction allows minimal waste of raw products and connects manufactures with end users more directly. High quality can be delivered at more affordable prices.

Heavy duty post and beam construction; four-thousand-year-old form of construction with buildings still standing many centuries. Qubes can be constructed many stories high.

Zero fossil fuel consumption and integration of plants brings your building to life with the use of roof gardens and vertical wall gardening.

Digital Marketplace
(Release date to be announced)

For all products and services in relation to: Standardization of products in kit form, High quality materials, Carbon consuming buildings and clean construction processes